Scary Christmas Stockings

Are your stockings hung from the chimney with care yet? Or are you a lazy elf like me? I realized as I was sitting in front of the fireplace last night that I hadn’t hung up our stockings yet. I went to get them and realized that I’ve never liked them. We got them years ago as a gift from a friend and they are just a tad too cutesy for me/us. Obviously it wasn’t a close friend or they would have guessed that. Anyway, I started looking online for some new ones that I could order for next year. I found a great seller on Etsy that made some beautiful stockings like the one with the skulls on the right. The one on the left that I fell in love with though, I’m having a hard time finding. It’s an Emily the Strange Christmas stocking, but it doesn’t say that on it, which makes me really like it. It appears to have been discontinued as I have only found one available on ebay. Leave it to me to lust after something I’m going to have a hard time getting. Maybe I’ll wish for them to be in my cutesy stocking from Santa on Christmas morning.

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