Scariest Movies

screamAs promised a week ago here is the list of the Scariest Movies to watch on Halloween according to the Scary Jane readers. I was bombarded with emails on everyone’s choices, so thank you. Apparently you guys are really passionate about this. Overall I’ve seen and love the majority of these, but I am interested in the one or two of them I haven’t seen. I feel like quite a few were left off, but that’s just my opinion. If you don’t agree with these you have only yourself to blame because you didn’t send in your vote. So, here are the top ten Scariest Movies and the top ten Scariest Family movies that got the most votes in no particular order:

1.     Halloween (original)

2.     Scream series

3.     Psycho (original)

4.     The Changeling

5.     The Ring

6.     Evil Dead

7.     The Shining

8.     Seven

9.     The Exorcist

10.    Rosemary’s Baby

* Honorable mention to: Martyrs, The Haunting (original) and The Legend of Hell House

1.     Hocus Pocus

2.     Casper

3.     Halloweentown series

4.     Beetlejuice

5.     The Witches

6.     Scooby Doo (movies)

7.     The Nightmare Before Christmas

8.     The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It

9.     Twitches series

10.    The Addams Family (movie)

*Honorable mention to: Gremlins (I think this might be too scary for the little ones, though)

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