Rotten Luck Dice

Rotten Luck DiceAnd now for the person who has everything…Rotten Luck Dice. This is a set of five extremely cool dice designed by Douglas Little that are made out of a zinc alloy and Swarovski crystals. Each one is engraved with a skull, a peace sign, the devil, the number 13, a shamrock and a horseshoe and comes in a cool black box. Now for the price that’s not so cool…$195! They are beyond neat, but I’m not sure they are worth quite that much. Of course, Barneys is selling them so that might explain the price. If you go over to Unica Home though they are selling them at 20% off. They would be neat to have sitting around to play with. The kind of people that can afford to spend $195 on a trinket seem like they might have quite a bit of luck already and wouldn’t want to risk the luck of the roll. I also tend to picture rich executive types as not having a wicked sense of humor which I think is required for an item like this.

One Response to “Rotten Luck Dice”

  1. Brat Says:

    Yanno, maybe it’s just me, but they look CHEAP. As in the dude who made them used an ink pad and stampers for the pictures then drilled random holes for the crystals. Save your money and buy me a skull stapler. That sucka is way cool!

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