Red and Black Comforter

redblackcomforterIn reference to my earlier post today about vampires, I found this dramatic Red & Black Flocked Comforter Set. Now I know some of you are thinking “What’s the connection to vampires?” Well, my dimwitted friend, I’ll tell you.  Picture Bella rolling around on the bed with Edward. Or, Sookie with Bill. Or, Buffy with Angel or Spike. Lets say, [insert favorite vampire here] gets carried away while kissing her neck and takes a bite out of [insert favorite heroine here]. As the blood rolls down her neck wouldn’t it be nice for her to know that it would blend right into the beautiful new comforter and not ruin it? For just $79.63 any one of those heroins or even you could have that peace of mind and plus can you imagine how gorgeous it would be with some black sheets?

10 Responses to “Red and Black Comforter”

  1. Kristy Says:

    How do I buy this comforter?

  2. jane Says:

    If you click on the highlighted link that says Red & Black Flocked Comforter Set it will take you to the site where you can buy it.

  3. Olivia Says:

    The site says that the bedding is no longer in stock. Is there another place that sells this bedding?

  4. jenn Says:

    Wal-mart carries this set. It really does look good, I’ve had this set for almost a year now and love it.

  5. Athena Says:

    I really.. REALLY like this bedspread but idk where to buy it i go to wallmart, but its not there D:! also i want to know if its dark, i really want a dark type of bed. email me if you can help.

  6. jane Says:

    I’m sorry, I guess they don’t sell it anymore and I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

  7. Athena Says:

    Do you know any other comforters like it?

  8. dani Says:

    I am SO disappointed that wal mart doesnt carry these anymore. Now Im running around like a mad woman trying to find one like it…not many cute red and black bed sets out there :/

  9. Shannon Says:

    Where can i by this conforter set? How much is it? and what walmart are u talking about?

  10. Alicks Says:

    I bought this bedspread when it came into stock <3
    it is amazing

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