RayD8 Mimobot USB Flash Drive

Mimobot Rayd80Okay, who doesn’t love a good computer gadget? This one is just too cool. This little RayD8 USB Flash Drive from Mimobot comes with a whole background story attached to him as apparently a lot of their gadgets do and…wait for it…they do Star Wars Flash Drives, too. Designed by Dino Alberto, this little guy continues the Mimobot back story of a refugee alien race of silicon robots stricken with amnesia, on an Earth mission to restore their lost minds. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to store your data on the unwitting time-traveler to help him generate the memergy necessary to synthesize another electro-time-bolt and bring him back to his own little spot in the chronosphere. Sounds easy enough, right? So, get out there and help him already!

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