Raven Feathered Chair

black_feather_chairA reader directed me to this Black Feather Chair and I just had to share it with you. It is so deliciously creepy. This was designed by Elyse Hochstadt back in 2007 and was featured at FIVEten Studio. The actual name of the chair is Portrait of George 1. I covet this chair and I must have it. I’m sure the $7500 price tag is a misprint, right? I’m sure they left out the period and it’s really $75. I’m going to get on a plane, march right on over to the studio in Oakland, California and slap down my $75! They better give it to me too, because clearly it was made with me in mind. Just think… a chair designed just for me. How lovely. Now if only I can scrape the money together for a plane ticket.

Thanks Doomsday For the link.

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