Psycho Shower Curtain

Psycho Shower CurtainHave you ever had some guests that you just can’t get rid of? It started out that it would just be a night or two until they found a new place. You were trying to be nice. Helping out a friend. We’ve all been there. Now they’ve been there for days, weeks, maybe even months. They are starting to look like they’ll never leave. Well, here’s something you can do to maybe hurry them along. While they are sleeping on your couch until two in the afternoon go out and buy a new shower curtain. Not just any old shower curtain, but this Psycho Shower Curtain. Hang it so “Mother” is facing inside. That way when they finally get up and get around to showering they’ll get the crap scared out of them when they close the curtain. Now of course you can’t stop there. Start playing nasty tricks on them every day. Soon they’ll be dying to get out of your house!

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