Pirate Skull Snuggie/Slanket

It’s butt-ass cold here and from what I can tell from the news it seems it’s cold most places in the US right now. I don’t like the heat to be on very high and I really like bundling up during the winter anyway. In my office the desk sits right in front of two huge windows, so it can get especially cold there. I love to wear hats, funky gloves and arm warmers, but this year I seem to need more. So, I started looking around on the internet for something to keep me warm on those freaky cold days. Do you get cold, too? If and when you do, do you like to snuggle up to a skeleton? Probably not. No matter how much I love skeletons and skulls I can’t see myself doing that. Plus, how warm could that be? How about one of those stupid snuggie things? I have always thought they looked completely ridiculous, but what if you made it a black one and covered it in skulls? Hell yeah, I would and you probably would too. This Pirate Skull Slanket costs $32.99 which isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it for the coolness factor and the warmth one too.

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