Painting cats

About a year ago I found these pictures on the internet and I finally decided to find out where they came from. In a book called “Why Paint Cats” by Heather Busch and Burton Silver they attempt to show that you can paint cats. Really? Is that even a good idea? I thought it might be a hoax and after much research I found that this book is meant to be a spoof and that all of the photos were manipulated.  Wouldn’t you be taking your life into your own hands if you even attempted to try this? I don’t know about your cats, but my cats would claw my eyes out if I ever tried to do that, which I wouldn’t. Now keep in mind this is meant to be an art book of sorts and not a “how to”.  Looking at the book the pictures are amazing and somewhat disturbing, but it does make one wonder how safe it would be if you were to try it. Most importantly why would you do this to your poor little kitty? I have to admit though, that the skeleton kitty is pretty cool. I just wish my cat’s fur naturally looked like that.

Painted CatPainted Cat 2

4 Responses to “Painting cats”

  1. e.dantes Says:

    They sure look amazing…and i’m glad they didn’t actually paint them! (Though I used to know a punk who would change his and his dogs’ “spikey bangs” to a different & matching “bright” color at least once a week! The dogs’ hair was naturally spikey to begin with…and don’t worry…he told me he only used natural products like beet root, carrot, blueberry juice etc. to dye both their hair!)

    You might also get a kick out of:

    (Or then again you might truly hate it!)

  2. jane Says:

    I love that site! It cracks me up.

  3. Ghoulfather Says:

    i know a girl that uses food coloring on her cat.
    It actually lets her.
    Nothing like seeing a purple cat.
    (cat is really white of course)

  4. Morgan Borst Says:

    omg i love the ones with the moons and stars.
    the one that looks like a skeleton would be #1 cat with costume. they are both purrfect.

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