Okay, I know I said I was done with the sappy stuff, but I just have to sneak in another post. We were forced to put our poor little Lucy to sleep since she was in so much pain. The vet tried everything, but she was just to far along. We will miss her dearly. Not being one to sit around without multiple cats in the house, I insisted that we go and pick out a new kitten at the Humane Society. Scary Hubby had a hard time with this one. Lucy was our first baby that we got together when we were just dating, so she meant a lot to us. Scary Hubby was very attached to her and so was I. I just like to move on quicker. I know a kitten will take our minds off Lucy. Plus we had Morticia and it would be nice for her to grow up with another kitten. We had every intention of getting a Gomez for our Morticia, but the boys were all so wild. I really wanted a snuggle cat and we all fell in love with this little black and white girl. Well, we couldn’t name her Gomez, so I came up with Ophelia. If you remember, Ophelia was Morticia’s sister in the original Addams Family TV show from the 60s’. She was the goofy reverse version of Morticia and I always liked her. So, please welcome little Ophelia into the Scary Jane family.

2 Responses to “Ophelia”

  1. Pam on the Lamb Says:

    At least you went to the Humane Society. So sorry you lost the first cat. I am with your husband. I can’t just move on. I wish you and your pack of cats happiness and long lives. I can’t remember Opheliea though. YOu mean Morticia had a sister?

  2. Diego Says:

    I immediately staetrd humming the Addams Family when I saw the words creepy and kooky. My dad also shared Young Frankenstein with me at a young age, and I hold that in my heart as well. I’ve always appreciated cemeteries, and I love these tranquil pictures.Jacey recently posted..

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