One Night Stand

One Night Stand costumeWhen I go to a Halloween party I like to see scary costumes. I always dress in scary costumes myself, ever since I was a small child. I do remember being about 5 years old and dressing up as a doll, but I’m sure that was my Mother’s choice. Another time my sister and I dressed as Indians. That was also my  Mother’s choice. Other than that I have always preferred scary costumes. Once in a while though I do really enjoy seeing someone dressed in a funny costume. Preferably one that has a sense of humor or is clever. I don’t enjoy seeing costumes like a princess or an M&M. It’s Halloween for Pete’s sake! Halloween is scary. It’s better than not dressing up at all though. This One Night Stand costume made me laugh out loud when I first saw it, so it makes my funniest costume list this year.

Please don’t be a loser. Wear a freakin’ costume, damn it! I’ll kick your ass to the curb if you don’t.

2 Responses to “One Night Stand”

  1. The Beautiful Kind Says:

    He’s leaving his white socks on, that’s why it will be a one night stand. 🙂 I am wearing a funny costume and my daughter is wearing a somewhat scary costume. I HATE when women choose slutty/sleazy/trampy costumes for Halloween! LAME.

  2. Ghoulfather Says:

    lol Slutty or Sleazy is ok if its dark and kinda Gothic. For me anyways…

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