One Hand in the Grave Boots

I happened to come across some of the coolest and scariest shoes I have ever seen on a site called Iron Fist. They are actually a clothing company that has some great stuff, but their shoes are what really caught my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like them. Even though One Hand in the Grave Boots (right) is a great name for them it’s not what I was thinking about when I saw them. They made me think of various movies where the hero/heroin is going up/down an open staircase and the bad guy reaches through and grabs their ankles. This was a major fear of mine growing up, so that could be why. Check out all of their funky zombie and skull shoes. They are just so cool and they’re vegan. These boots can be purchased for $55 from Amazon. Their other shoes run anywhere from $15 to $80, so they are very affordable.

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