My Name is Bruce

My Name is Bruce DVDI am a huge fan of Bruce Campbell as I would assume everyone is, right? He is a brilliant actor that makes all of his parts come to life. Time and time again he is passed up by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for mediocre actors such as Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman. These actors continue to do the same boring parts every year. Bruce Campbell challenges himself in original movies like Alien Apocalypse and Bubba Ho-tep. I finally got to see his recent masterpiece that he also directed called My Name is Bruce. Another incredible movie, but this time he plays himself. It is a must for any Bruce Campbell fan. There is a warning though. If you haven’t seen any of his movies you will not get most of the references in this film. Get out there and start renting them now! You’ll be amazed. The man is incredibly handsome and talented and I demand he get the recognition he deserves!

2 Responses to “My Name is Bruce”

  1. Angelia Says:

    I totally agree! I just saw this film and it looks like Bruce is really enjoying himself. It reminded me of his early Sam Raimi flicks with the cheesy special effects and outrageously funny pokes at Hollywood.

  2. Angelia Says:

    There’s going to be a sequel! Bruce vs. Frankenstein. Check it out here:

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