Monstrous Spider

monstrous_spider_decorIf you’re going to decorate for Halloween you need spiders and lots of them. The more the creepier I always say. Anyway, some years ago we decided we wanted to find 2 giant spiders to put on the roof of our store for Halloween. We wanted to make them look like they were crawling down the outside of the building. After spending a lot of time on the internet looking around we found that scary spiders of that size just didn’t exist. My husband proceeded to make some out of black PVC that turned out really cool, but probably wouldn’t last beyond the one season. Of course that was a year that we got a lot of snow, so who knows. I still wish I could find the perfect spider, but it just doesn’t exist. The few that are available are more cartoony than scary. Now I have a new idea. I saw these Monstrous Spiders and they are the creepiest ones I have ever seen. They are 3′ long and the eyes light up. Not as large as I would like, but they’ll do the trick. A few of theses hanging down the side of the walls will creep everyone out and piss off the neighbors. It’s a win win situation.

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