Mad Scientist

In my bookstore we have an area dedicated to a mad scientist’s laboratory. This was so much fun to put together and can be easily used in your Halloween display or haunted house. You can always buy the premade stuff shown below, but that can run into a lot of money. What we did was buy some of the premade things that we couldn’t easily recreate and mixed it in with the things we could.Bubbling Scientist TubesBubbling BrainEyeballs Jar

Start out with some test tubes and a rack that you can buy from places like American Science and Surplus. You can fill these with water colored with food coloring or if you are afraid of them spilling you can also do colored geletin. Buy some jars in varying sizes or save the jars you empty in the kitchen which is even cheaper.  These jars can be filled with all sorts of things. Like a plastic bloody brain or eyeballs that can be purchased cheaply in any halloween store. You can even get more creative and hit the grocery store. We actually used matzo balls in one jar. If you prepare some clear geletin and put it in each jar the items will appear to float, which we found makes them much more creepy. Buy a toy microscope which usually comes with some accessories which can be used as well. In the dark you can’t tell the difference.

Place a couple of boxes in various sizes around your table to add some height. Put a black cloth over the table and boxes. Now arrange all of your props together making sure to put some things on the boxes. Add a skull or two and a hidden colored light and you have yourself a creepy laboratory display.

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