Little Black Skull Dress

Once in awhile I still pop onto Hot Topic just to see what’s new. Sometimes you can get lucky and they have some neat stuff . This time I picked up a little black dress. Every girl can use a little black dress, right? You can dress it up and you can dress it down. Usually they are very simple and all black, but this one has a little kick to it that I just couldn’t resist. It’s not too often that you can find a skull themed outfit without it having a giant skull splattered on the front. I like to be a little more sneaky in my clothing choices. I want someone to have to look closely to see what’s on there. Well, that’s exactly what this little dress does. From far away it just appears to be a normal pattern, but up close you see that it’s actually a skull cameo print. Even the lace at the bottom has skulls woven into it. Love, love, love it! Now I just need an excuse to wear it.

One Response to “Little Black Skull Dress”

  1. Guinevere Says:

    You woke up today, didn’t you? That’s reason enough to wear it!

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