Last Look at a Scary Christmas

Monster ChristmasWell, Christmas is officially over so I thought I’d leave it with one last image. I saw this picture quite a while ago and never got around to using it. It made me crack up when I saw it, so here it is for you as well. Can you imagine these guys showing up at your door to sing Christmas carols? I needed a little laugh today anyway. I was told by the vet today that one of my cats, Agatha, is dying from kidney failure. So forgive me if my posts lack a little something this week, but I’ll do my best.

One Response to “Last Look at a Scary Christmas”

  1. PR Says:

    I’m sorry about your kitty. I lost one two years ago to cancer and I still feel like I’m missing part of myself. Even though I have many others none of them can take her place.

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