King King Model

King Kong modelKing Kong movie stillSo here’s a bit of interesting news. Well, at least in my book anyway. The original King Kong model from the 1933 movie sold at a London auction for about $200,000. It was sold as part of Christie’s auction of pop culture memorabilia. The metal alloy and steel skeleton is less than 2 feet tall and originally was covered in cotton, rubber, latex and rabbit’s fur. However, the covering rotted and fell off over the years.  It was designed by master animator Willis O’Brien and built by the RKO Studio’s Miniature Department. In the movie this model was used in the climax to make King Kong climb to the top of the Empire State Building. Interestingly enough the model was thought to have been destroyed years ago, but was recently discovered in a collector’s shoebox. The model was originally saved by Eugene Hilchey when RKO’s props department was scrapped in 1967.

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