Killibinbin CabernetKillibinbin Scaredy CatLast night Scary Hubby and I had a few friends over for game night. One of my good friends (now best friend) decided to bring me a bottle of wine she happened to come across that she knew I’d like. We have a great bunch of friends. They know what I like, so anything remotely scary is brought to the Scary Jane alter to be oo’d and ah’d over. Well, this time they struck gold. This is a wine from Australia called Killibinbin. They make quite a few different wines, but I received the Scaredy Cat Cabernet Malbec. What makes these wines so great, you ask impatiently? Well, my little pain in the ass, besides being fun to say they have really cool labels. They look like the old pulp mystery novel covers they had back in the day. This of course brings together three of my favorite things. Wine, books and scary stuff. I haven’t tried the wine yet, because the bottle is so neat, but I can imagine that I’ll love it no matter what just because of the presentation. I’m easy that way.

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