Jack the Ripper…Solved?

It appears that the identity of Jack the Ripper was has been solved… again. There have been so many movies and books devoted to figuring out the identity. Many have sworn they were right, but it seems that it may have actually been solved this time. Like many other people I have always been fascinated by who it could have been and even when I heard it was solved I still didn’t quite believe it. Obviously there will always be people that insist it’s not, just like there are people that still don’t believe Elvis is dead, but it appears that this time it really is. It seems there is DNA proof now and it’s hard to argue with DNA. After reading everything I could find there could still be some argument against it, but I think that would be from people that don’t want it to be solved because an unsolved mystery is so much more fun than a solved one. Read it here and make up your own mind.

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One Response to “Jack the Ripper…Solved?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Although I think Kosminski is the best KNOWN suspect–I still don’t believe the identification is definitive. 1. How do we KNOW that shawl was found with Catherine Eddowe’s body? 2. How many people touched it (sneezed on it, sweated on it, etc.) over 126 years? 3. How do we know it’s never been washed over 126 years. 4. I’m always suspicious of anyone who is trying to hawk their “new book” and 5. Even if (big if) all the DNA evidence is “true/real”, that only means a relative of Kosminki had contact with Catherine Eddowes, not that he killed her.

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