Inside out Zombie

zombie tshirtAs usual today is T-shirt Tuesday. Normally I would feature a t-shirt that you could buy, but not this time. This Zombie t-shirt was a promotional t-shirt for Resident Evil that was given away in San Diego at Comic-Con. I was there, but unfortunately did not get to be one of the lucky ones that received this fantastic t-shirt. This t-shirt was just too cool not to show you. Hopefully if enough people talk about it somebody will come along and produce the shirt so we can all buy it. The t-shirt is pretty simple on the front and says, “Let your darkside out” with a creepy zombie image behind it. On the back is the Resident Evil graphic. As you lift the shirt over your head a zombie face appears and turns an otherwise normal t-shirt into a zombie costume. Lifting the shirt up this way also forces your arms into the standard zombie position! How amazingly cool is that? The only downside would be for us girls, though I’m thinking guys would disagree. I’m not sure I’d want to lift my shirt over my face just for a mask. Weren’t we taught as little girls never to lift our shirt over our heads? I guess you could wear a shirt under it. Either way I really want one and it sucks that you can’t buy them!

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