I Live Under Your Bed

I Live Under Your Bed t-shirtThis week’s T-Shirt Tuesday is the I Live Under Your Bed t-shirt. I don’t know about you, but what’s living under my bed is a lot scarier than that guy! It reminds me of Cat’s Eye which was a movie that had three scary stories and they were all linked together by this cat. In “The General”, which I think was the third story, there is a little girl played by Drew Barrymore that is being terrorized by this tiny horrible troll that lives in her room. Technically it does not live under her bed if I remember correctly, but it does spend a good amount of time under there. Anyway, he’s quite scary and the cat saves Drew Barrymore from him. It was scary when I was young and when I think about a monster under my bed that troll is the one I think of.

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