Human Blood Lamp

Blood LampWhile I was covering all of the goodies during the month of October I found lots of cool things online to post about. Unfortunately, I had to save them until October was done. Now that November is in full swing I can let loose. First off we have the Blood Powered Lamp. Yup, that’s what I said. A lamp powered by your own blood. Well, you could use anyone’s blood actually, if you have some lying around. What a ghoulish idea, right? I’d like to think it was a spooky idea that some vampire had, but unfortunately no. Mike Thompson, an English designer from The Netherlands had a completely different purpose in mind. “What if, every time you wanted to switch on a light, you had to bleed? Would you think twice before illuminating the room, and in turn, using up energy?” In other words would we think differently about using up energy if it cost us something valuable each time. Interesting idea, huh? The lamp contains luminol. Luminol is the chemical forensic scientists use to check for traces of blood at a crime scene. Luminol reacts with the iron in blood and creates a bright blue glow. To use the lamp, you have to break the glass, cut yourself, and drip blood into the opening along with some activating powder. Unfortunately, each lamp can only be used once. Might make you rethink how much energy you use. Unless, of course, you have a supply of extra blood collected from your victims lying around.

2 Responses to “Human Blood Lamp”

  1. Jess Says:

    this is amazing, I would love to get some of these for my home. Where can i order from?

  2. jane Says:

    I don’t think they are generally available. I feel like it was just a project of some kind or something. Can’t remember. The website doesn’t seem to be working, so I can’t check for sure.

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