Hollywood Zombie Cards

Hollywood Zombie cardsFor those of you that can’t get your crap together and get all of your shopping done in a reasonable amount of time here’s a great last minute stocking stuffer. Hollywood Zombie Trading Cards brought to you by Topps. Now this is a card series to die for! Ha! Pun intended. This set of cards features 72 celebrity parody cards just like the old Wacky cards that I covered a few months ago here. Each card has a zombified parody of a celebrity with a story ripped from the gossip headlines. Every fourth pack also includes one of ten Glow-In-The-Dark Morbid Mug Shot so you can collect them all. With names like Paris Hellton, Britney Speared and Tom Ooze you know these cards are perfect for the wickedly minded people out there such as myself.

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