Hollywood Is Dead

You know I love movies, right? If you haven’t figured that out by now well… you’re just a dumbass. I came across a fantastic artist that combines my two loves of horror and movies. Read on if you want to find out more.

“A ghastly and infectious virus has spread through Los Angeles, home to the celebrated movie makers of the world. While seeming to send Hollywood greats to their grave, the dead have reanimated with a new hunger for flesh… and brains. Now the rotting corpses have performed a postmortem on tinsel town, and the cinematic icons will never be the same.” At least that’s what poster artist Matt Busch says when talking about his latest and greatest project. Matt takes famous movie posters and painstakingly recreates them with a scary edge called Hollywood is Dead. The project originally got started in 2009 when he was approached by Lucasfilm to create a poster that would combine Star Wars and zombies that would promote a new book on starwars.com called Death Troopers. The fans went crazy for it and since then he has started doing classic movie posters.┬áHe has done twenty so far and plans to publish a coffee table book one day. You can have your own 19×13 copy of any of them for $19.95. That will just have to do until he comes out with that book. You can see them all here. My personal fav is Breakfast is Tiffany.

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