Haunted Books

If you are putting together a haunted house you have to include a library. What’s a spooky house without a library holding some of the scariest books ever written? If you want to put in that extra bit of spookiness though, you need these haunted books. In my bookstore I have these set up in between the books for sale. They are motion activated, so when someone is standing there looking at books or walking by it sets them off. The Beast Within the Books prop on the right pops open up to show the little monster with eyes that light up. It shakes and and makes some spooky sounds. With the Possessed Books prop on the left one of the books slides out back and forth and makes some spooky sounds. After using these two items for two years I have a few things to say about them. First off they work great. They don’t go off every time which is actually nice. You can’t depend on it to go off when you want it to. In the end it makes it more of a surprise. The down side of these is that they are quite noisy. Not the sounds they are supposed to make, but the mechanical sounds they make. If there is a lot of general noise though, this shouldn’t be a problem. The nice thing about these is that they are just plain scary, not gory so it’s good for the little ones as well. Beast Within the BooksPossessed Books

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