Hand Soap: Take 2

Handy SoapA few months ago I blogged about some Baby Hand Soap that was really quite creepy. You’d think that would be the end of it, but happily no. I found another deliciously creepy Hand Soap, but this time it’s a grown-up hand and hangs on the wall of your shower. It doesn’t exist yet, but we can hope. It was designed during a research project at Berlin University of the Arts with a German company called Design Reaktor Berlin. This is a company that helps small businesses organize production, marketing and get distribution for their products. I think this would be oh so cool in my shower, but placement would be of the utmost importance. Looking at the picture it appears to be rather low on the wall. Wouldn’t this cause embarrassing accidents while bending over to clean your lower extremities? Also, here’s something to think about. After you’ve used it for a while it’s not exactly going to look like a hand anymore. It will eventually become a little soap stump. How attractive would that be? Of course you’re accidents wouldn’t be as ticklish anymore. Don’t know if you consider that a good thing or not.

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