Halloween Rant

The Halloween season is upon us, which makes me so happy. It took a while to get cooler here, but now it’s finally starting to feel like Fall. I’ve been searching all the stores online and in person so I can write about all the best Halloween stuff available. If you have a recipe, craft, DIY, costume or saw anything in a store that I should know about don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid just email me. I do bite, though, so be careful.

Now for the ground rules:

1.     If you are here because you think I worship the devil, then just go away. No need to comment. I believe I have already received emails from each and every one of you wanting to save my soul and I thank you for your concern, but I’m all set.

2.     If you wish to stop me from writing about Halloween or just scary things in general please refer to the first amendment. It’ll help with your stupidity.

3.     Have a f**king sense of humor

4.     Just remember, my idea of the best may be different from yours and that would make you wrong.

One Response to “Halloween Rant”

  1. Melissa Says:

    LOL!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

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