Halloween! Ideas?

Okay, so like many of you Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and October is my favorite month. Mainly because of Halloween, but also because it finally starts to cool down. Scary Jane doesn’t do summer. Anyway, starting on October 1st, every day I will blog about something related to Halloween. It could be a costume, a decoration, a craft or just anything related to our favorite holiday. I realize that pretty much everything I cover could be called a Halloween item. For this month though, I want strictly Halloween stuff. Things you wouldn’t necessarily put in your house during the year. More of the cheesy decor type stuff, if you know what I mean. I have many things I plan on blogging about, but thought I would send out a message to everyone in case someone’s got an idea of something I should cover. It could be a recipe you make every year, a decoration that you made and would like to share or just a link to a fun item. Pretty much anything goes. So, send in your ideas to jane@scaryjane.com and I’ll try to cover them all.

One Response to “Halloween! Ideas?”

  1. The Beautiful Kind Says:

    Every year I make Ghosts in the Graveyard dessert. http://www.backofthebox.com/recipes/desserts/ghosts-in-the-graveyard-g.html and I love this decorating idea of ghosts dancing around a tree in your yard:

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