Halloween Idea in Action

I get a lot of email from you guys and it’s great! You send me the best product links and funky photos. Once in a while someone lets me know that they used an idea that I posted about at some point, but rarely do I get photographs. Last year I posted a Halloween How-To called Chanting Devil Worshipers that you can find here. A couple of weeks after Halloween I was so excited to receive an email from one of my readers named Blazevic. Blazevic and his family used the Chanting Devil Worshipers idea and put their own spin on it. Which I love, BTW. Blazevic’s 9 year old daughter, Alexis, made these using my post and then added her own twist of red gems for eyes. I never thought of that! Really drives the whole Devil thing home. I might just be adding that to ours next year. Thanks so much for sharing your picture. Finally one of you idiots actually remembered to send me one!┬áIt sounds like you had a scary time.

* Thanks to Blazevic, Alexis Blazevic and Bob Blazevic for taking the pic.

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