Hairy Scary Spider

Hairy Scary Spider T-ShirtI may be scary minded, but I’m not crazy! I hate spiders! Hate, hate, hate them!! Do you get my point? If not, here’s some more. They are creepy, crawly, hairy, sneaky, gross little creatures. Now do you get it? This Hairy Scary Spider T-shirt brings out my worst fear. I actually turn into a screaming girly girl when I see one. Seriously, I don’t like to kill them. They are living creatures, but there are times when it is unavoidable. Like when I’m jumping up and down screaming in terror in the bathroom and I happen to land on one. This actually happened to me once, so that’s the reason for the disclaimer. Anyway, I try to catch them and lead them outside, but usually I make Scary Hubby do it. I live in fear of being too close to one. As a child I lived in Texas for a few years where they have lots and lots of them. The tarantulas there would jump up at you. I don’t know if all tarantulas do that, but they do in Texas. Nice state, but if you don’t like creepy crawlers stay away. That’s all I’m going to say.

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