Goth Christmas Cards

Today is December 1st and that means that it’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about decorating, baking, wrapping presents and sending Christmas cards. I may be a scary chick, but I still love Christmas and all of it’s traditions. I just like it a little darker and quirky. Most years I make my Christmas cards because I just can’t find any that I like. You can only send out so many Edward Gorey Christmas cards before you get sick of it and want something different. As I was doing my searching this year I came across these Goth Christmas cards from Moonlake Designs. They are all designed by a graphic artist in Wales.¬†They are fantastic! A little Christmas, a little dark and a little humor. Moonlake Designs are sold through Greeting Card Universe and cost $2.79 ea. Yes, I know, a little expensive if you are sending a lot of cards, but totally worth it. You have to cough it up if you want something a little unusual. They will even custom print your message on them. There are quite a few different styles including non-Christmas ones, so look around.

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