Ghost Through Window

Ghost Through WindowThere are many things that we have tried to do over the years for parties and have only been moderately successful with. Every year I get some crazy idea and then it’s a challenge to come up with a way to do it. My poor husband is often stuck doing the more mechanical type things since he’s better at it than I am. A few years ago I got the idea to make a ghost that looks like it’s going through a window. We finally got it to work with a cut up light weight prop and heavy-duty suction cups. The only problem was the weight. Trying to get something light enough that the suction cups could hold it. Everyone was always impressed with it, but I was never quite satisfied. Well, lo and behold they now make this exact prop called Light Up Ghost Through Window. This one even lights up! There are some mixed reviews of this product on various sites. Honestly though if people knew how difficult this is to make they would keep their big pie-hole shut and be happy it exists. I know I am!

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