Fright Night

Even though the Fright Night movie from 1985 didn’t make the  Scary Jane reader’s top ten best scariest movies list, doesn’t mean it didn’t belong there. Well, maybe not top ten worthy, but it sure deserved an honorable mention. Actually maybe this year I should do the top ten best comedy horror films. If, or should I say when I do I’m sure the original Fright Night will appear. Anyway, being fan of the original I was a little nervous to see the remake. I can’t think of a single horror remake that has come anywhere close to the original. Most notably Psycho. Love Vince Vaughn, but despised that remake. I always wonder why they bother. If it ain’t broke, don’t f***in fix it! So, last weekend we went to see the Fright Night remake with Colin Farrell. Normally we would have avoided it, but it got some decent reviews, so we just went for it. So glad we did. It actually turned out to be quite good. They changed enough of the story to make it interesting for those people who have seen the original a million times (like me). Colin Farrell made a very good (and sexy) vampire. The script still had laughs and was more scary than the original, but not really gorey. I hate 3D, so we went to a regular showing. I’m sure there were supposed to be more scares, but I think 3D detracts from the story. I loved that they even poked a little fun at the original. I highly recommend you take a chance and go see this. If you do, keep an eye out for a great cameo from one of the original actors.

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  1. Giang Says:

    I love the original one. Fright Night had a nice blend of cdmoey and fright. It is one of my all time favorite vampire movies. Those were the days when vampires were actually scary and ugly when they revealed themselves. When I was younger a few of their scenes made jump in the middle of the night and made me laugh in others. I am hoping that we get to see an Evil Ed and a Perter Vincent. They were the ones that made the movie special. The preview so far has me a little worried and I am not sure if I like it or not. I am crossing my fingers and I hope they do justice and give respect to the original classic that I love so much.

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