Flower Skull T-Shirt

Someone sent this Flower Skull T-shirt in to me for T-Shirt Tuesday a while back and I keep forgetting to post it. This week I remembered, so yay me! Yeah, I know, I suck. Anyway, it’s a really cool t-shirt, though I’m not sure it’s too good for the male gender. Might be a little flowery. The cool thing is it is a plain t-shirt with the outline of a skull and it comes with washable markers. Why is this cool, you ask stupidly? Well, you color in the design however you want with the markers and then when you wash it the color gets washed out and you get to do it again! Every time it’s a fresh canvas. So if you’re feeling sad you can color it all in shades of blue, if you’re happy then pinks and reds or whatever you want. It’s a different shirt every time. Actually I just really like it plain.

*Thanks Ghoulgirl69Flower T-Shirt plainFlower T-Shirt Colored

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