Flaming Silver Skull

Flaming Silver SkullI know this Flaming Silver Skull is supposed to be scary and it is I guess. It’s very cool and all that, but it reminds me of something a lot less scary. Like the Heat Miser (without the skin) from A Year Without a Santa Claus. He might be scary to your average 3 year old, but not me. I absolutely love the Heat Miser and his brother Snow Miser. Great song. It also reminds me of Syndrome from The Incredibles. Let’s face it though, his look was totally ripped off from the Heat Miser. Anyway, this little skull is about 6″ tall and is made of cold cast resin with a silver finish. He looks to me to be quite pointy, so he might be a good weapon to have around if someone pisses you off.

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