Evil Eye Ring

Here’s one tip if you want someone like me to look at something on the internet. Have the word “Evil” in the title. I can’t resist that word for some reason. A reader sent me this link to a jewelry designer on Etsy and as I was looking around I found this fantastic Evil Eye Ring. I’ve seen a lot of eye rings in my time, but this one is really cool. it depicts two tentacles wrapped around a porthole with an eye looking through it. Is it the poor schmuck inside looking out or the creature looking in? You decide. Check out his Etsy page here for more information on this and other unique designs.

*Thanks Cat for the the link! 

4 Responses to “Evil Eye Ring”

  1. Ashley Says:

    That is so cool! That’s what I love about Etsy.. you can find virtually anything there.

  2. houston goth music Says:

    That ring is soooo cool! I’d love to have a really big one to wear on stage.

  3. Amanda Says:

    How Much IS IT?

  4. Garrick Says:

    That is freaking cool looking!

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