Eternal Excercise

Eternal Exercise T-ShirtYay! It’s T-Shirt Tuesday again. I know you’re probably not as excited as I am, but you could at least try to be. Anywho the t-shirt I found this time is hilarious. At least it made me laugh. This would be the Eternal Exercise T-Shirt. This brings to my mind all of those zombie movies and something that pisses me off. I think there needs to be some agreement in zombie movies. In some of them the zombies run after their victims and others they just slowly stumble along, but always seem to get there. The latter seems the more realistic to me. I’m all for a little creativity, but let’s agree on one thing: zombies are not smart. All they want is to feed, so they head towards the food (people). I don’t think they would be smart enough to run after their food. They would stumble towards it. Some movies have even gone as far as to make their zombies appear smart. Zombies are dead people. Period. Putting all of that aside this t-shirt just makes me laugh. I’m not sure why you would want to put a zombie on a treadmill, but it sure makes for a funny picture. What would be even funnier though is if you hung a brain in front of him. Give him the incentive to continue on the treadmill, unlike I do.

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