Edward’s Shoes

Edward's ShoesI know a lot of guys that like to dress goth. They go all out and sometimes I’m impressed at what lengths they will go to. When I first saw these Edward’s Shoes online I thought they were for women and was shocked to see that they were men’s shoes. I thought I’d show them to my goth guy friends and see what they thought of them. I turned out to be more right than I thought I would be. None of the guys would wear them and thought they were too feminine. The consensus seemed to be that none of them would be caught dead in them even if they were just trying to look dead for Halloween. Most of them felt they looked rather dorky and I have to agree. Even if they were for women I certainly wouldn’t wear them. They kind of remind me of the white shoes that men wore in the 70s only this would have been the goth version. Why did they call them Edward’s Shoes anyway? I hope it wasn’t after Edward Cullen because you can be damn sure he wouldn’t be caught dead in them either.

4 Responses to “Edward’s Shoes”

  1. Brat Says:

    I hope that seeing this post [ugly ugly shoes!] means you are better. Some of the viri can really knock you on your ass.

    I miss ya when you’re gone!

  2. jane Says:

    Thanks Brat! I was feeling better, so I started poking around on the internet and just couldn’t not say anything about these ridiculous shoes.

  3. Susan Says:

    Those are Opera Pumps…very embelished and embroidered Opera Pumps. Very well dressed Gentlemen wear them with Tuxedos etc…still, today. I admit the heel appears a bit high in this pic, but it is no higher than those of most mens dress shoes or any oxfords. Its a shame more men do not “dress” for the occassion any more. (And no, Im not old…welll, not very 😉

  4. Corky Says:

    I work in the construction industry and these shoes are surprisingly functional `on-site’. I get some looks from the guys but I’m not going to tell them where to get their own pair!!

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