Drifter Girls T-Shirt

Just when you thought I was done with T-Shirt Tuesday it’s back. A reader sent me a link to this T-Shirt site called Akumu Ink. Akumu is Japanese for nightmare. Gotta love that! They have some amazingly unique T-Shirts with this Japanese horror pop vibe that is so hot right now. I fell in love with most of them, but this blood red Drifter Girls T-Shirt┬áis my favorite. It has a scary whimsical feel to it that I am very attracted to. Plus, I look really hot in red I’m told. Check out their website here for all of their great designs.

*Thanks to Trisha for the link!

2 Responses to “Drifter Girls T-Shirt”

  1. Memory Says:

    Why is Skull Boy stealing Ruby Glooms’ Bike?
    This T shirt is awesome.

  2. Melissa Says:

    These are really amazing–wish they had a hoodie in “The Ripper” design. Thanks for sharing–as always, LOVE your Blog!!!

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