Don’t Pay the Ferryman

FerrymanSo, ever wonder what brought Jane to the Dark Side? Well, even if you didn’t I’m going to share anyway. It seems I have liked all things scary my whole life, but it really started when I was still little Jane. I believe the year was 1983. MTV was all the rage and I loved it. One day after school when I was watching MTV this amazing video came on called Don’t Pay The Ferryman by Chris De Burgh. I was transfixed. It was creepy, spooky and it didn’t hurt that the guy was cute. Hey it was the 80s give me a break. To my young eyes it was a world that I had never seen before and I wanted to be in it. I had loved Scooby Doo for years, and still do, but this was better. Now, unlike some of you, I have never been into the gorey side of life. Gorey is not scary to me. I like scary and this was it for me. Some might say that I am Goth. I think I was too early for that, at least what we know of as Goth today. The Goth culture started in the US in the early 80s, but it is not what we consider Goth to be now. I like scary better anyhow and I believe it all started with this video. So check it out.

One Response to “Don’t Pay the Ferryman”

  1. Ghoulfather Says:

    Hah ha…i remember this vid, he always reminded me of “Barnabas Collins” from the original
    “Dark Shadows”

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