Dismember-Me Zombie

dismember_me_plush_zombieNow that holiday shopping is in full swing I thought I’d pass on good gift ideas that I come across on my wanderings around the net. My big problem is always finding gifts for the stockings. Mainly because I firmly believe that all stocking stuffers should fit into the actual stocking. No laying it on the mantel next to the stocking for me! Keeping that in mind I found a great stocking stuffer for that zombie loving relative. I’m also hoping that since I’m posting about it Scary Hubby will get a clue and get me one. This is the Dismember-Me Plush Zombie. You can pull off both his arms, his legs, pull apart his body, remove his head and pull out his brain. Just think if you get a whole bunch of these you could make your own zombie movie! How funny would that be? Well, actually that’s exactly what ThinkGeek.com did with them. I swear I thought of it first, though.

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