Demon iPhone Case

Demon iPhone caseI keep buying new cases for my iPhone. I find one and think it’s the perfect one and then another one comes along that I can’t live without. Now of course I have found the ultimate one and this time I mean it. I’ve never come across a creepy one before, so this one fits my need for everything scary and makes me very happy. It’s the Demon iPhone case made by iDeal Case. It’s made of 100% pure silicone for the 3G/3GS. The case comes in yellow, purple, orange, light blue, green and white which glows in the dark! I love the blue, but I think it was a major mistake not to make it in red. I personally think of red when I think of demons, but who am I? Apparently I know nothing. Anyway it can be had for only $14.99 which is actually really cheap for an iPhone case.


Apparently the case is available in red and also black and navy. The glow in the dark version is seperate from the white one. Thanks to Brat for being on top of things, while I continue to be in a fog.

3 Responses to “Demon iPhone Case”

  1. Brat Says:

    It IS in red! Look on this page:

    Scroll down.

    Makes me wish I had an iPhone… LOL

  2. Brat Says:

    Nah, it just didn’t make sense not to have it in red, for crying out loud. And you DID just get out of the hospital. And I was sober that day. 😉

  3. Anonymous Says:


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