Dead Fred

Dead FredEver get frustrated at work? Ever feel like stabbing your boss with a pen? I am my own boss and even I feel like doing that sometimes. I mean my boss is a total bitch. We all have days like that. Just some more than others. Who really cares about those dumb stress balls. They don’t work. Why don’t you picture yourself holding a pen and thinking about that dumb boss that just reminded you again about remembering to put the new cover sheets on the TPS reports (if you don’t get that reference then you should check out Office Space and see what a really stupid boss is like). Now wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to stab that pen into without worrying about going to jail? That’s what Dead Fred is for! He’s a little red silicone guy that’s actually a pen holder. You can stab that pen into his heart a hundred times and he won’t ever call 911. Just don’t yell out your boss’ name while doing it or it could get you fired.

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