Damn Candy

Damn Candy Halloween T-shirtI love sarcasm and I am probably more sarcastic in my every day life than I should be. I often get looks from certain people who I forget have no sense of humor. I can’t control myself. My father always says that everything I say sounds sarcastic because that’s the way my voice sounds. We do not share the same sense of humor. For T-Shirt Tuesday I found this little snarky t-shirt: Just Give Me the Damn Candy. I know I’d crack up if some teenager came to my door in this t-shirt. Probably even more if it was on a little kid. I know that would be wrong. Admit it though, it would be funny to see this on a toddler that couldn’t even speak yet. I think it would be funnier though if it was followed by: “and Shut Up.”

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