Custom Coffins

Coke coffinSaw coffin

When that time comes for you to go into the abyss do you really want just a plain old coffin? No? Do you want to go out in style? Maybe in something that shows off your hobby? Well, the Ga coffin carpenters of Ghana have the coffin for you.

In traditional Ga culture you are buried in a coffin that reflects how you earned your living and lived your life. Why stop there? Let your imagination go crazy. You could be buried in beer bottle shaped coffin, a teddy bear, a Mercedes or even a airplane shaped coffin. A 6′ Ga coffin starts at about $1500, so it’s really not a bad deal for one made just for you. They take about 3 months to make depending on the difficulty of the design, but totally worth it. If you have your heart set on it though you might want to order it now and use it as a coffee table or something until you need it.

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