Cross-Stitch Zombies

After I did that post the other day I got curious and started looking around. I found this Zombie Cross-Stitch kit at Barnes and Noble on the bargain shelves. It comes with everything you need to create three of the twelve patterns to raise the dead. I can’t wait to start one. I just can’t figure out which one to do first. Unfortunately, that’s the most interesting thing I found.¬†Apparently there are a few people out there that agree with me on the lack of non 70s/80s themed cross-stitch. A lot of the scary cross-stitch available is of the Halloween cutesy variety and I hate that.¬†There seems to be quite a bit of frustration about this and I thought to myself that someone could really make some money on designing them. Of course, as usual, I thought I should do it. I already know how to make the patterns, so that part would be easy. As everyone in my life says, though, the last thing I need is another business. If pattern making wasn’t so time consuming I would do it. I guess selling books, blogging and now making jewelry are enough. I tend to start things out of the frustration of not being able to find what I want. Well, until someone starts a company like that we will have to be content with these zombies.

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