Crime Scene Scarf

Crime Scene ScarfNow that it’s going to start getting cold, this Crime Scene Scarf might be good to keep the chill away. It is just hilarious! I must have it.

As often happens, I was reminded of something when I found this. A couple of years ago we were just going about our business at the bookstore when suddenly multiple police cars arrived at the apartment building next door. I employ a bunch of curious people, so we all had our noses plastered to the front windows.

Turns out we had a double murder next door! A little too real for my blood, but it was interesting to watch the drama unfold. For the next two weeks there was what we started to refer to as the “murder truck” parked out front which appeared to be some sort of CSI RV. This of course started to drive us crazy because the RV blocked one of the entrances to our parking lot and the police were not willing to move it.

Now, of course, they taped off the entire area. Being the wicked-minded person that I am, I began to covet this police tape for my store. If you’ve read the About Me page you would know that I have a haunted used bookstore and if you haven’t well then get to it! Anyway, we all decided that we couldn’t take it while it was still technically a crime scene, so we waited. Eventually the murder truck was gone and they were done with their investigation. We decided to wait until the next morning to take some tape. When we came in they had already removed it. And put it in our dumpster! In the end we didn’t have to steal it at all. Now it’s cool to know that our crime scene tape is the real thing. And yes, they did catch the guy who did it.

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