Computer Gargoyle

Computer GargoyleHey gargoyle freak! Yes, I’m talking to you. Do you collect gargoyles? Is your cubicle at work all decked out with gargoyles? You have your gargoyle pictures, your statues, the picture you took of a gargoyle when you were in England pinned to your bulletin board, your mousepad and screensaver, the gargoyle hat someone bought for you hanging from the corner of your cubicle, but do you have one sitting on top of your computer looking at you as you read this? If you do then do you have this little Computer Gargoyle? Listen I’m here for you. I was just in England and took that same photo. I understand your obsession. Don’t you need to give in one more time for this one? If the top of your computer is full you could always hang him over the side of your cubicle. He’s just 4 1/2″ tall and costs $9.99, so he won’t take up too much space in your office or your wallet. Just think about how much that would piss off the “Hello Kitty” freak in the next cubicle.

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