Coffin Couch

If you are a coffin lover then here are two to die for. The Coffin Couch on the left is made from an actual coffin! It can be custom made and sells for $3500 and is also available in a chair. The Closing Coffin Couch on the right can also be used as a table and is available in purple, red or black velvet and also sells for $3500. My question is: When was the last time you were at a funeral and thought, “Hey lets pop that sucker open and have a seat!”? I know I claim to be the queen of all things scary, but I’m not sure about this. At first I thought it was totally cool. The more I thought about it, though, the creepier it got. It’s one thing to sit in it I guess, but can you imagine lying down on the closing one to watch your favorite television show and it slams shut? I have to admit it would be great for a lazy vampire. He could place it right in front of his television. When it’s time for bed just lie down and close it up. When you wake up just open and turn on the tube. So, if you have any vampire friends this may just be the perfect gift. It would take a big bite out of your wallet, I admit, but wouldn’t it be worth it? Since you bought them such a nice gift, he might be less likely to take a bite out of you! Closing Coffin CouchCoffin Couch

One Response to “Coffin Couch”

  1. Linda Carmical Says:

    That’s just creepy wrong….but would be a great conversational piece…lol

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